Influence at a Distance and Phosphenism

Influence at a Distance

Can someone be influenced at a distance?

Theoretically, no. But practically yes, as human nature is weak. The only way to influence a person is to enter their mental structure, their psychological pattern. When a person is near another person, their energy fields interpenetrate, though they keep their integrity and can separate.

Thus, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have an action on someone at a distance, unless that person believes in the possibility of an influence.

Bewitchment functions by introducing doubt in the psyche of a person. Henceforth, it is essential not to let doubt creep into one’s mind. We will only be influenced if we agree to. It is important to understand this in an intellectual fashion: it constitutes a protection.

So, if we have experiences with another person, it is because we have affinities. In order to influence a person, one needs to find a breach in their defenses.

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Healing from a distance is pure utopia. It is but a placebo. Nevertheless, a patient needs to believe and certain forms of belief have an action on morale and thus affect the healing process…

Exercise of psychological bridge-building

Visualize a person in a phosphene with the idea that this person has a particular attitude towards you. It could be your boss, with whom you are experiencing difficulties, a person with whom you do not get along or a board of examiners that you want to impress.

The phosphene produces a feeling of proximity with the chosen person:

Practice this exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day, for 15 days. If possible, choose a person that you will only meet at the end of this period. You will enjoy new ideas about this person and will tend to see the best in them. If it is an intimidating person, you will find what to say to them, you will be good at repartee. Practicing with the phosphenes improves intuition, bringing the feeling that you already know the chosen person, even if you have never met them. You will keep calm and confident, an attitude that will improve your success in life. The positive aspects of the relationship you have with the person you are speaking to will be strengthened and the negative aspects will tend to blur as light purifies thoughts.


This type of exercise (Phosphenic Mixing) brings new information on the person who has been visualized in the phosphene. It modifies our perception of that person, leading to a different attitude. The person we are speaking to will be sensitive to this.

An even more efficient way to proceed is to project rhythms on the person. The results will surprise you.

This is the only kind of influence we can have over a person with our energy.