Kirlian Effect and Phosphenism

The Kirlian Effect

The Kirlian effect is: “the transformation of the non electrical properties of an object or a body into electrical properties with the transfer of charge from the object or the body to a photographic emulsion.”

Kirlian photography is a method that uses a device that can establish energy health assessments and measure the energy of an organism. It is the energy that appears on Kirlian photography as well as the state of intercellular vibratory communication, a complete image of the energies that run through the human organism or a physical body.

The basic equipment used by S. Kirlian is very simple: a coil (Teslo) connected to a metal plate and isolated by special plate. A sheet of light-sensitive paper is placed between the subject and the machine. The photograph is then taken. The Kirlian machine then emits a high-tension, high-frequency electric field.

Semyon Kirlian and his wife performed an advanced research that emerged on the worldwide recognition of the Kirlian effect.

The existence of a field of subtle energy that surrounds the human body has been known for thousands of years. In the past few years, scientists have started to express interest in this phenomenon. Thanks to “aura” photography, we know now that every living being is surrounded by a field of electromagnetic energy.

Our aura can bring information about our qualities, our abilities, our thoughts, our feelings, our problems. The aura can be modified by external factors like the quality of the environment, the air we breathe, the persons that surround us, a tense or harmonious atmosphere.

The interpretation of the colors of the aura brings vital information. It allows better knowledge of oneself. Its colors reveal our affects, the state of our health, our mood; they express who we are.

A therapist can analyze the photograph and draw useful conclusions. No present technique other than Kirlian photography can assess the energy of individual globally and in real time. Three to six months later, one can have a new photographic assessment and compare it to the first one in order to judge the progress or the degradation of their energy.

Doctor Francis Lefebure, a French physician and researcher, has designed a method of personal development based on the systematic use of the phosphenes: Phosphenism. The phosphenes are all the subjective sensations of light, i.e. those which are not directly caused by light stimulating the retina. The phosphenes can be produced by focusing shortly on sources of light.

Practicing Phosphenism develops personal energy in a considerable manner and can influence the results of Kirlian photography.

Exercise of Phosphenism applied to the Kirlian effect

Why project the phosphene on the back of your hand ?
Simply because the chakra located in the hand absorbs energy by the back of the hand and transmits it by the palm.