Magnetism and Phosphenism


Becoming a good magnetizer does not require many years of study. There is no need to read entire libraries; one simply needs to practice. Thanks to practice, sensitivity is increased and one can become aware of the "invisible world”.

An exercise of mummification to witness the power of magnetism associated to the practice of Phosphenism

Cut a piece of meat in two and place one half in a fridge. You will use it to compare the effects of magnetism. You will notice that it starts rotting and decomposing quickly.
You are going to magnetize the second half 20 minutes a day by placing your right hand over your left hand, arms stretched (use an inverted position if you are left-handed). At the same time, do a phosphene and project it on your hands. After a few days, the piece of meat will be mummified. It will not decompose. The process of mummification will be accelerated by using the phosphenes.

Magnetization and phosphenization of water

Magnetized with the right hand (+), water is fresh and slightly acid; it stimulates and regulates the organs and has a beneficial action on the stomach, the live rand the intestines, relieving problems of digestion and constipation. It is a very good purgative.

Magnetized with the left hand (-), water is bland and alkaline, it is sedative.

When both hands are used, the water’s properties are mixed.

For a litre of water, practice for 20 minutes, at sunrise or sunset. Do a phosphene by focusing on the sun for two seconds through a piece of fabric, without glasses or contacts.

Then, while you are magnetizing the water by placing your hands on a glass bottle, project your phosphene on the bottle while maintaining the idea of healing in your mind. Renew this operation several days in a row. Close the bottle with cork. After a few days of practicing 20 minutes per day, the water will be charged with energy (magnetized and phosphenized).

Drink it or let a patient of yours drink it. You will be surprised by the result.