Reiki and Phosphenism


Reiki and Phosphenism can be combined efficiently. The following testimony desmontrates this fact. Phosphenism is a method of development of personal energy designed by Doctor Francis Lefebure, a French physician and researcher. This method is based on the systematic use of the phosphenes. The phosphenes are all the subjective sensations of light, i.e. those which are not directly generated by light stimulating the retina. They correspond to what ophtalmologists call images of retinal persistency or post-images.

The object of Phosphenism is to transform the energy of light into mental energy. It seems rather obvious that an increase of personal energy will improve the practice of reiki or any other type of healing method.

We have chosen to publish the following testimony, written by an Usui and Karuna reiki master, because it shows the interest of the combination of reiki and Phosphenism.

“When I close my eyes to practice healing, I sometimes see a dot of light appear, no bigger than a distant star. This did not use to happen before I started practicing Phosphenism. By a mental effort, I can make this dot of light rotate through the patient’s energy channel, into the earth, then back through the patient’s energy channel, into space. I do not control the speed of the dot of light. With certain persons, this process is more difficult to produce though everyone feels relaxed during this exercise.

My patients then relate: ‘I felt as if I was outside my body’; ‘I felt as if I was travelling far away’.

Let me precise that I do not use suggestion during or after healing and that these testimonies were spontaneous. One person told me that he felt his energy unlock and that his hands started warming up intensely. After the session, I told him to try laying his hands on someone he knew. A week later, he came back to see me, very pleased with his experiments. His wife had pinched her finger in a caliper and he had managed to soothe her pain.

Since I have been practicing Phosphenism, I have been able to notice that my healing is more efficient. It is as if the phosphenes amplify the power of reiki. I attended a seminar of Phosphenism because I was seeking a technique that would make me evolve positively. I can now testify that Phosphenism does strengthen me, but also guides me and increases the effets of my healing. I hope this testimony will inspire practitioners of reiki of all levels to try Phosphenism and to combine both techniques, as they wonderfully complement each other. I humbly relate my story, as this combination imposed itself to me during my sessions of healing, and sharing our experiences seems to me the only way to help us all move forwards.”