Shamanism and Phosphenism


As suggested by ethnologists, shamanism originates from the arctic regions. Its most ancient continental center is located in the northern part of Siberia. It seems to have then spread beyond the polar circle into the north of Asia and Europe. Nevertheless, shamanism as a system of relation to Nature and the Ancestors, can also be found in America, Australia and Africa.

Shamanism is actually the spirituality of all of hunter-gatherer cultures wherever their origin. It is probably the oldest spiritual and magical system.

The Role of the Shaman

The shamans are the connection between untamed nature from which they draw their energy and the human community for which they officiate. At the highest level, the shaman becomes the thunderbird man, a sacred fool whose inverted behavior proves that the contact with the sacred is governed by neither linear, nor rational rules. The sacred madness that invests him allows him to establish contact with the forces of the mind, the soul as well as the forces of light. The shaman then liberates the community of its imbalances and neuroses.

Naturophosphenology or Naturophenology

Though humans live within a world that seems logical and rational, comfortable and visible, they should not sever themselves from Nature and its energies, from the wild and invisible world. These two universes constitute the known and the unknown, the roots and the branches of the tree of wholeness.

Doctor Francis Lefebure, a French physician and scientist, designed a method of development of personal energy based on the systematic use of the phosphenes. The phosphenes are all the subjective sensations of light, i.e. those of which are not directly generated by lights stimulating the retina.

Phosphenism, an educational method and a tool of individual development, brings us structure and roots; using natural light and the rhythms of Nature (Naturophenology) develops a connection with the sacred.

Spiritual fulfillment or transcendence is the result of the harmonious mix between our thoughts and the energies of Nature. The initiates should work on two levels, learning to think in terms of light and maintaining a reliable connection with Nature, in order to stimulate the whole of their inner senses (or phenes). Little by little, mixing thoughts and phenes will yield results, leading the initiates to the threshold of the extraordinary and the sacred.

The Energy of the Elementals

The energy of the elementals, like the energy of the forces of Nature and the universe, is made of a substance that is similar to the diffuse glow (final phase of the phosphene) described by Dr Lefebure. Thus, a perfect understanding of our phenic system will help us to comprehend the processes of organization of our thoughts and our energies, in order to establish contact with the soul of the Earth, and with beings of light.

Extracting Energy

Projecting one’s energy, one’s cerebral rhythms on the elements provokes the extraction of their energy. The shapes that appear stem from our collective unconscious.

The initiates who project their phosphene on a natural light or on the rhythms of Nature, practice a mix between their phenes and their thoughts, on one hand, and the subtle elements of Nature, on the other hand. Thus, a rich energy is generated, allowing the appearance of creatures of energy: fairies, leprechauns, elves, salamanders, gnomes and other prodigies…

“Though they belong to the intangible world, these creatures stem from specific pratices in which various mixings with our phenic elements are blended. The subjective perception of nature is as real and as fantastic as the dreams we can enjoy every night. To demonstrate this reality, one only needs to be patient and perseverant. The forces of nature and of the elements do no have a precise language but react to our most subtle vibrations, and it is our emotions that give them life.”

(Daniel Stiennon)

If we respect certain limits, we can give various shapes to this energy. Seeing the shapes of characters in the trees, the clouds, the textures... is only the beginning of the extraction of the energy of an element. Certain shamans were experts at this art and had the ability to transform the shape of sceneries and forests into an appearance matching the thought-forms coming from their unconscious. Because of the power of the rhythms induced, the suggestions of sceneries became so expressive and the thought-forms seemed so real, that the onlookers delved into enchantment or fear according to the desire of the sorcerer.

Harmony With Nature

Harmonization with Nature is mainly established in the location where the shaman lives, he has to meditate for a long time in a place, in order to imbue one another with their fluids. The energies of the shaman interact with the energies of Nature, allowing him to understand the spirit of things, and the bird or the stone will reveal the omen and the information that he is seeking.

The Will

The will is a principle that connects us to the energy of the planet, to the soul of our Mother the Earth. It is the silver cord of the Ancients. The will takes root in the vortex of energy that the Japanese call Hara - a term that means “belly” but also “center of gravity”.

It is the Hara center, our center of gravity, that allows us to take solid roots in this world. It is, at the same time, the interface through which we communicate with the subtle energies around us, that heal and guide us.

It is thanks to his will that the inititate feeds on subtle elements, on the energies that compose the Earth, on these wonderful fruits of etheric nature. The shaman harmonizes his inner energies with his ecosystem. He stretches his energy double until it embraces the place where he lives within his etheric body, and the whole planet in his astral body.

Exercise of naturophenology

After practicing this exercise a few times in the same location, with the same element, you will obtain a form of connection with this element, generating experiences that will be the fruit of this union.